Use Texture Painting Techniques for Stunning Effects

Ask us about our faux painting services in Lake Worth, FL

Most people only use paint for flat and lifeless designs. Are you searching for professionals who can achieve something unique? At Touch of Pride Painting, Inc., we can build textures, patterns and grains using our faux painting techniques. Contact us today to learn more about texture painting in Lake Worth, FL.

Trust us to create luxurious patterns that will elevate your interior designs. Call 954-790-1953 today to schedule a texture painting service.

Stretch your interior design possibilities

A painted wall can be so much more than a monochrome color scheme. At Touch of Pride Painting, Inc., we give you the freedom to reimagine your spaces using faux painting techniques. Ask us to create interesting patterns and finishes like:

  • Wood grains
  • Blushed concrete
  • Fabric streaks
  • Sponging
  • Brick
  • Marble
  • Leather

Using a variety of tools and an experienced eye for detail, our team can give any room in your home striking character and personality. Speak with us today to get started in the Lake Worth, FL area.